Faiyaj Islam Fahim BIOGRAPHY - Bangladeshi POET


 Lover poet

Faiyaj Islam Fahim is called "lover poet" by the people of POET society. Because all his poems are full of love!



The poet loved her so much that he gave her a poem every day, but unfortunately the poet could not accept her because the poet was in Boundule and two years short, social gap from his lover, moreover the poet did not have a job and would have a job or why? The poet was never in favor of employment, the poet wanted to be independent.



Grieving the loss of his lover, he founded the International Love Organization, although its operations in 25 countries were closed due to covid-19 and lack of patronage. She dropped out of her studies during the 2nd year of BA Ornas (Bangla) because she had a mental breakdown after breaking up with Alexan, people say she went crazy.

 Bangladesh Open University

After three years later he fell in love with Sundarganj girl Hawa but in no way she could be of his mind. Currently he is the director of Valentine's Computers and Electronics and is studying BA Ornas in Bangladesh Open University. He writes in various blogs, newspapers, magazines and online magazines. The poet is currently 26 years old and has written about two and a half thousand poems.


 Different poetry  

Many poets say that the writing style of his poetry is different from other poets and poems. Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2024 AD is rumored to release two books of his poetry. "Forbidden Kiss" Bangla Publication will release two poetry books called "Nisiddha Kavita" (publisher not determined), he is hopeful that his two books will create a stir among lovers... Edited online magazine famouspoet.net Besides, he is the most popular blogger in Bangladesh...

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