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 Razuddin Stalin

Razuddin Stalin Born:

Razuddin Stalin. Born- November 22, 1962.Father-Sheikh Borhanuddin Ahmed.Mother-Rebecca Sultana.Place of birth-Greater Jessore.Village-Nalbhanga.Bachelor Honors in Economics.MA in Political Science. Former Deputy Director of Nazrul Institute. He started writing in his youth. In 1970, he published his first poem called 'Promise' in Shatadal magazine published in Jessore. Total book 101. Book of poetry 65. Notable - I am disobedient again. Break it in the heart. Those disguises. Finger duel. Fierce Dinner. Notation of the broken building. The enemy who was born. The story of the geometry box. Investigative report. Museum of the Unintelligible

Rhyma Granth - Keep walking. Childhood. eternal child 

Prose book-Rabindranath Arogya. Nazrul's suicide. exiled youth Written in charcoal.

Poems have been translated into – English.Urdu.Hindi. Oriya. Spanish. Greek.v Romanian. French. Japanese.Nigerian, Nepali. Swedish. German. Chinese. Azerbaijani, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Serbian, Russian, Kazakh, Korean, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Italian,v

41 languages ​​including Arabic, Afrikaans, Turkish, Farsi.


Video CD 10am. Recital album- 6am. Pradeep Ghosh's voice recital album- It will rain again one day. Award-Bangla Academy.Michael Madhusudan Award. Darjeeling Drama Circle reward Sabyasachi Award of India. West Bengal Center for Stage Award. City Anand Alo Award. Khulna Writers Club Award. Dhara Sahitya Asar Award. Wave of California Award. Los Angeles Nut Award. Los Angeles Writers Club Award. England Journalists Association Award. Gandhi Peace Prize, India.Many awards and honors including Nikolai Gogol Triumph Sincere Award.

Edited magazine - Roudradinkh. Padavali.

Stage and TV presenter.

Travel -India.Nepal.Dubai.America.England. China

Born. 1962, November 22. Village Nalbhanga. Thana - Kaliganj. District- Jessore.

2.Graduate Economics Honours, MA- political science

3. Former Nazrul Institute

Deputy Director.TV Presentation.

4. Total poems -60.

A) Did not return disobedient me- 1986.

 Break it in the heart - 1987.

c) Those disguises -1988.

D) Wonder Mirrors - 1989.

e) Dueling for Fingers -1990.

f) They were looking for me

 Below the odds-1991.

g) I have never seen dawn on) earth-1997.

H) Words Listen to my voice -2003.

J) Resurrection episode-2004.

J) Unbeleiveable present-2005.

k) Notation of broken buildings-2006.

l) I want to separate - 2010.


d) Enemy in all births Thant 2011.

D) Lamentation of stagnation-2013.

d) Biodata-2014.

n) And Prabhu Om Shanti Nei-2015.

t) Story of Geometry Box-2016.

(i) Investigation Report-2017.

d) Naive Museum-2018.

d) Brief Biography of Sarala -2019.

N) Pratividya-2020.

C) Arms breaking moment -2021.

F) Lantern of Diogenes-2022.

5) Keep walking (poetry) - 2008.

A) Shaishab (Rhymes)-2014.

 Jalchashi (nonfiction) -2017.

c) Rabindranath Arogya (Essay) -2012.

D) Nazrul himself

and others-2009.

E) Exiled Youth - 1996.

f) Writing in charcoal - 2017.

G) Seeing with divine eyes - 2017.

h) Twenty One Questions One Answer (Interview)-2013.

J) the mythology  of questions (Interview)-2014.

J) Destrucked  time of Ulysses-2017.

6) Editited Magazine- Sunny day Vowel- ancient poetry


Bangla Academy Awards- 2005. Michael Madhusudan Dutta-2009. City Anand Alo-2013. Darjeeling Natya Chakra-1985. Sabyasachi Award-2012. Waves of California-2012. Google International Triumph Prize-2021.Columbia International Sahitya Academy Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize-2023 and many more.

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