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Majedul Haque

Birhi poet Majedul Haque
  - Majedul Haque

Full name - Sheikh Mohammad Majedul Haq or SM Majedul Haq aka Majed, well known name in literary circles - Majedul Haq; Known and respected as "Birhi Kavi".


Birhi poet Majedul Haque was born on July 3, 1977 (19 Ashad) in Patli village of Gati Union No. 11 under Sadar Upazila of Netrakona district in Greater Mymensingh in a noble Muslim family.


Father - SM Kitab Ali, Mother - Begum Ayesha Khatun. Education – B.A. Occupation - Livestock Field Facilitator (LFF) Livestock Department. Among the four siblings, the poet is the first son of the parents, the second child.


Since his teenage years, poet Majedul Haque has been writing poems, poems, songs, short stories, essays and novels. His writings while studying for B.A. were first published in newspapers and magazines; Still being published in various magazines and local and national newspapers.

School-college students are winning annual awards every year by reciting poet's poems and rhymes.

Many reciters from different districts of the country are regularly reciting the poet's poetry and several reciters from far India outside the country have also recited the poet's poetry, the BDO of these recitals has been saved on the YouTube channel titled "Birhi Kabi Majedul Haque".

As he was selected as the "Best Rhyme Maker" in the rhyming competition organized by Mukti Asha and Netre Asha newspaper, the then Acting Deputy Commissioner Dr. Mushfiqur Rahman handed over the crest to the poet in a public meeting at the Netrakona District Press Club on (04-11-2017) and eminent educationist and essayist Professor Jatin Sarkar. He blessed the poet by teaching him Northern, since that day the development and promotion of the poet's poetic talent was clever.

Professor Nazrul Islam Habibi, founder director of "Kalam Academy London" and "Kalam TV" recognized him as "Birhi Kavi Majedul Haque" in a discussion program of Kalam TV on the international stage (12-11-2023) and he said his own He gave a BDO message in his voice and that BDO message is saved in the YouTube channel titled "Birhi Kavi Majedul Haq".

Mr. Zahirul Islam, the founder director of Netrakona district's renowned literary organization "Hazar Kabir Kavita" announced the "Zahirul Islam Literary Award" to poet Majedul Haque on (04-09-2024).


Poet Majedul Haque's poetry has a jingle of rhythm, he is adept at rhythm. He did not stop at writing traditional rhyming poems, he created many new rhythmic structures. He has researched about rhythm for a long time, poet Majedul Haque is unique among the experienced rhythmic poets.

The poet's writings have already been published in hundreds of literary anthologies and the poet's writings are regularly added to different anthologies every year.


In the writings of the poet, we can find the cries of suffering of helpless and deprived people and the pain of love and love, so he is well known as "Birhi Kavi" among the readers.


Published Books - Kavya Balaka, Swapna Digant, Maya of Swadesh, Flower Jar, Netra Chayan, Selected Ekho Poems, River in Tears (2021 English) Book Fair.

Poems, poetry books, short stories and novels will be published soon.

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